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Name:Holland imported artificial turf grass


Grass height: 40MM


Detailed introduction

Holland imported artificial grass high quality artifiical carpet

Model AAG-MSR40-4    
Pile height 40 MM Gauge 3/8 Inch
Yarn material Holand imported Thiolon  PE  Stich rate 180 stitches/M
Yarn court 12500 DTEX Weight 2.8-2.9kg/SQM
Basic cloth 2 PP or Net + SBR Glue Turf density 18900 Turfs/SQM
Width 4 or 2 m  Package Black/white  PP bag
Length Normally 25m or Need. Applications Football field,club,villa
Yarn color Four colors Supplement 5kg sand/SQM(or not filling)
Quantity in container:   2200SQM/20 Container4400SQM/40 Container5000SQM/40 High Container

1. Holland  Imported Thiolon PE with advantages of High elastity, Soft, and Anti-UV.

2. High simulation, soft and very durable synthetic grass 

Holland imported artificial grass, best quality grass, durable synthetic grass

Here are some project of our AAG-MSR40 as below:

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