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Name:Non infill soccer field artificial turf grass


Grass height: 30MM


Detailed introduction
AAG no rubber no sand soccer/football turf best artificial turf grass 
  • This is non infill artificial grass for football, it means no need to infill rubber and sand, and no need to use any artificial grass equipment such as rubber and sand infilling machine.
  • Its performance can up to FIFA Standard.
  • Long life span.
  • High quality synthetic turf.
Materials Chinese double gluten PE
Pile height 30mm
Density 210005Turfs/sqm
Yarn Count 20000Dtex
Gauge 3/8Inch
Color Light& Dark green
Advanatges High UV resistant

1. No rubber, No sand,  artificial grass for sports field.

2.High end football for club and international level! Density of 21000 turfs/sqm,life time of 12~15 years!

3. its Performance can up to FIFA 1 Star Standard (Best artificial grass in China)

Here are some project of our AAG-BMQDS30 as below:

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